Hijack TV Series Quiz: Which Hijack Character Are You?

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Hijack TV Series Quiz: Which Hijack Character Are You?

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This thriller miniseries created by Jim Field Smith and George Kay has seven episodes. Idris Elba is the lead character in Hijack. Everything takes place on a plane hijacking and you will meet some unique characters. Be them, a skilled and composed corporate negotiator Sam Nelson, the cunning and ruthless hijacker Stuart Atterton, the intelligent and resilient physics professor Marsha Smith-Nelson, or the determined and resourceful DI Daniel O'Farrel? Let's discover which character you resonate with the most in this high-stakes tale of drama, a thriller, and a hijacked plane!

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In tense situations, what role do you play in a group dynamic?
How do you approach negotiations with adversaries?
How do you handle conflicts within a team or group?
When facing a crisis, what's your initial reaction?
How do you deal with personal relationships in times of crisis?
How do you view the concept of sacrifice for the greater good?
How do you handle unforeseen obstacles during a crisis?
How do you react when faced with an unexpected betrayal?
How do you handle conflicting priorities during a crisis?
How do you cope with the emotional toll of a crisis?
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