Howard Cosell Trivia Quiz: An American Sports Journalist

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Howard Cosell Quiz: How well do you know Howard Cosell?

Howard Cosell was an American sports journalist, broadcaster, and author, who became prominent during his tenure with ABC Sports from 1953 until 1985. Known for his blustery, confident personality, Cosell brought a brassy counterpoint to the sports broadcasting scene that was first ridiculed, then copied, and became the dominant note. In this article, we learn about Cosell's early life, family, and career. Here are ten quiz questions to test your knowledge about Howard Cosell:

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What was the nickname given to Howard Cosell by fans and media critics?
What was the name of Cosell's elder brother?
How long did Cosell host the Little League show without pay?
What did Cosell famously say of himself?
What was one notable example of Cosell's antagonistic commentary?
What was the name of Cosell's sports radio show in the early 1950s?
When was Howard Cosell born?
In what year did TV Guide name Howard Cosell The All-Time Best Sportscaster?
Who did Cosell team up with on WABC's pre- and post-game radio shows of the New York Mets in their nascent years beginning in 1962?
Where was Howard Cosell born?

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