Indira Gandhi Trivia Quiz: Former Prime Minister of India

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Indira Gandhi Trivia Quiz: Former Prime Minister of India

Indira Gandhi Quiz: How well do you know Indira Gandhi?

Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi was born in 1917. She was a well-known Indian politician and
member of the Indian National Congress. She was the country's only and first female prime
minister when she was chosen to serve as India's third prime minister in 1966. She was India's
second-longest-serving prime minister after her father, holding the position from January 1966
to March 1977 as well as from January 1980 till her death in an assassination in October 1984.
Let’s play the quiz based on Indira Gandhi.

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In the government of Indira Gandhi, who served as the first prime minister?
In 1968, Indira Gandhi announced which revolution?
From which of the following institutions did Indira Gandhi receive her education?
The memorial to Indira Gandhi is known by what name?
What year was Indira Gandhi Assassinated?
In 1975, which High Court rescinded her nomination for the Lok Sabha?
Where was Indira Gandhi born?
What department did Indira Gandhi oversee as a minister in the Union Cabinet?
When was Indira Gandhi born?
Who was Indira Gandhi's opponent in the 1977 Lok Sabha election in Rae Bareli?

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