Infamy TV Series Quiz: Which Infamy Character Are You?

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Infamy TV Series Quiz: Which Infamy Character Are You?

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Infamy is a show that comes from Poland. It’s filled with teen drama all in the realm of culture, religion, tradition, and music - specifically hip hop. The story is about a 17-year-old girl named Gita who is Romani. Her dad had a gambling addiction that was so bad it forced her family to disown her and her father. Now she’s living in Wales all by herself.
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Are you ready to take the test? Let’s find out which character you align with in Infamy! There are four options: 
• Gita
• Biała Góra
• Marko
• Viola

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When it comes to fans and supporters, how do you keep in touch with them?
In times of crisis or controversy in the world of hip hop. What happens next for you?
How do you handle stress and pressure from others that have high expectations for you?
Do you feel like hip hop has an impact on culture and society?
What do you do if you get knocked down?
What do you do face obstacles in your journey to make it big?
What’s your typical reaction to a problem?
What about hate? How do you react to that?
Would you rather talk over text or call someone?
When using hip hop as a form of self-expression, what is your method?
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