Irene Rosenfeld Trivia Quiz: An American Businesswoman

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Irene Rosenfeld Trivia Quiz: An American Businesswoman

Irene Rosenfeld Quiz: How well do you know Irene Rosenfeld?

Irene Blecker Rosenfeld was born in 1953. She is a successful American entrepreneur who served as Mondelz International's chairman and CEO. At the advertising firm Dancer Fitzgerald Sample in New York City, Rosenfeld started his professional career. Later, she worked in consumer research for General Foods before becoming CEO and chairwoman of Frito-Lay. Here’s a quiz based on Irene Rosenfeld. So, Let’s play the quiz.

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Rosenfield is a member of which club of Chicago?
Where did Irene Rosenfeld get her first job?
When was Irene Rosenfeld born?
In what year did Rosenfeld step down from Mondelēz International, Inc.?
To whom did Irene Rosenfeld get married?
Where was Irene Rosenfeld born?
Rosenfeld joined General Foods, which later became a subsidiary of which company?
Irene Rosenfeld earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from which university?
In what year did Rosenfeld take on the role of Frito-Lay's chairman and CEO?
When did Irene Rosenfeld become the CEO of Kraft Foods?

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