Isabella I Quiz: A Former Queen of Castile

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Isabella I Quiz: A Former Queen of Castile

Isabella I was born in 1451. From 1474 to 1504, she was Queen of Castile, presiding over a dynastically united Spain with her husband, King Ferdinand II of Aragon. After Ferdinand II rose to the throne of Aragon in 1479, Isabella I became Queen of Aragon. Isabella and Ferdinand are known as the Catholic Monarchs while they are together. Here's a quiz based on Isabella I. Let's play the quiz.

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When was Isabella I born?
When did Isabella I die?
Gramatica Castellana was dedicated to Isabella I by whom?
Who gave Isabella I the title of Catholic Monarch?
Which cardinal supported Isabella I in her quest to become queen?
What was the Spanish crown's tribute to Queen Isabella I created in 1815?
What was the name of Isabella I's husband?
During the Cortes of Madrigal, when did Isabella I enact her first major reform in the form of a police force?
Where was Isabella I born?
In 1492, who met Isabella I in Santa Fe and got her support for a voyage to India?