J. Robert Oppenheimer Trivia Quiz: Scientist

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J. Robert Oppenheimer Trivia Quiz: Scientist

J. Robert Oppenheimer Quiz: How well do you know J. Robert Oppenheimer?

J. Robert Oppenheimer was an American theoretical physicist born in 1904 in New York City. He is often credited as the "father of the atomic bomb" for his role in the Manhattan Project. After the war, he became chairman of the General Advisory Committee of the United States Atomic Energy Commission, where he lobbied for international control of nuclear power. He opposed the development of the hydrogen bomb, which led to the revocation of his security clearance. Oppenheimer's achievements in physics included the Oppenheimer-Phillips process in nuclear fusion and the first prediction of quantum tunneling. Here are ten quiz questions with four options and answers:

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Oppenheimer's younger brother, Frank, founded what science museum?
What is the name of J. Robert Oppenheimer father?
What is the cause of death of J. Robert Oppenheimer?
In what year did the first atomic bomb successfully detonate?
What is the religion of J. Robert Oppenheimer ?
Oppenheimer was the wartime head of which laboratory?
Whom did J. Robert Oppenheimer marry?
What is Oppenheimer's most significant contribution to the field of physics?
Oppenheimer was awarded the Enrico Fermi Award by which U.S. President?
Oppenheimer opposed the development of which type of bomb?
Oppenheimer's father became wealthy through which industry?
Oppenheimer was stripped of his security clearance during which political era?
Oppenheimer was born into a family of what religious affiliation?
In what city was Oppenheimer born?
What is the height of J. Robert Oppenheimer?

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