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Jack Finney was an American writer known for his science fiction and thriller novels, including The Body Snatchers and Time and Again. He was born John Finney in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and graduated from Knox College. He later moved to California and worked as an advertising copywriter before pursuing a career in writing. He died in Greenbrae, California, at the age of 84.

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What is Assault on a Queen about?

  • A daring robbery of the RMS Queen Mary

  • An alien invasion

  • Time travel to the past

  • None of the above

What is notable about Time and Again?

  • Its vivid and detailed picture of life in 1882 New York City

  • Its science fiction elements

  • Its thriller plot

  • Its portrayal of time travel

What is the protagonist's name in Time and Again?

  • Simon Morley

  • Jack Finney

  • Frank Sinatra

  • Ellery Queen

What was Jack Finney's real name?

  • Walter Braden Finney

  • John Finney

  • Jack Braden Finney

  • Jack Walter Finney

What was Finney's first novel?

  • The Body Snatchers

  • Time and Again

  •  Assault on a Queen

  • 5 Against the House

What was the basis for the 1956 movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

  • Time and Again

  • Assault on a Queen

  • The Body Snatchers

  • None of the above

What was Finney's profession before he became a writer?

  • Actor 

  • Advertising copywriter

  • Doctor

  • Lawyer

What is Time and Again about?

  • Time travel to the past

  • Time travel to the future

  • Interdimensional travel

  • None of the above

Where did Jack Finney die?

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Knox College

  • Mill Valley, California

  • Greenbrae, California

What campaign of World War II does Finney's first article reflect?

  • "Loose Lips Sink Ships"

  • "Buy War Bonds"

  • "Make Do and Mend"

  • "Victory Gardens"


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