Jack Johnson Trivia Quiz: An American Boxer

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Jack Johnson Trivia Quiz: An American Boxer

Jack Johnson Quiz: How well do you know Jack Johnson?

John Arthur Johnson was born in Texas, the U.S., in March 1878. The "Galveston Giant" (Nickname) was an African-American boxer who became the first African-American world heavyweight boxing champion during the Jim Crow era. Johnson's bout against James J. Jeffries in 1910 was termed the "fight of the century," and he is well-known as one of the most influential boxers of all time. "For more than thirteen years, Johnson was the most renowned and notorious African-American on Earth," according to filmmaker Ken Burns. He became a part of the culture and history of racism in the United States, transcending boxing. Let's take the quiz based on Jack Johnson.

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In August 1925, to whom did Johnson get married?
When did Johnson die?
When was Jack Johnson born?
Where was Jack Johnson born?
When was Johnson started his boxing career?
After his career in the ring, what did Jack Johnson become?
Which pair of brothers did Johnson defeat during his career?
Who did Jack Johnson lose the heavyweight championship to?
Who did Jack Johnson beat to become World Heavyweight Champion?
Which one of these fighters did Johnson defeat and refuse to fight a second time after their first encounter in 1906?

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