Jagapathi Babu Quiz: An Indian Actor

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  • Last Updated: 18 Aug, 2022
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Jagapathi Babu Quiz: An Indian Actor

VeeramachaneniJagapathi Rao Chowdary was born in 1962 in Andhra Pradesh. He is a well-known Indian actor who mainly performs in Telugu movies. A few films in Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam also include him. Babu has starred in 170 feature films throughout the course of his 33-year career and has won seven state Nandi Awards in addition to four Filmfare Awards. Let’s play the quiz based on him.

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When did Jagpathi Babu make his acting debut?
When was Jagpathi Babu won the Nandi Best Villain Award for the film Legend?
When was Jagapathi Babu born?
With which film Jagpathi Babu made his Telugu film debut?
Which was Jagpathi Babu’s first Tamil film?
What was the name of Jagpathi Babu’s Kannada debut film?
In 2007, for which film Jagpathi Babu won the Filmfare Best Supporting Actor – Telugu?
Which famous producer was the father of Jagpathi Babu?
In which film did Jagpathi Babu share the screen with Rajinikanth?
Where was Jagapathi Babu born?