Jake Lamotta Quiz: American Professional Boxer

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Jake Lamotta Quiz: American Professional Boxer

Giacobbe "Jake" LaMotta was born in 1922 and died in 2017. He was an American professional boxer, often known as "The Bronx Bull" or "Raging Bull," was a strong fighter who thrashed his opponents in the ring despite his lack of striking strength. Due to his gritty fighting style, LaMotta typically took in as much as he gave out in an age of outstanding middleweights. Throughout his career, LaMotta's strong skull and jaw muscles allowed him to absorb huge amounts of punishment, and he is considered to have one of the strongest chins in boxing history. Take this quiz to find out how much you know Jake LaMotta.

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What actor portrayed Jake LaMotta in the film "Raging Bull"?
When did Jake LaMotta fight Sugar Ray Robinson in New York's Madison Square Garden in Robinson's middleweight debut?
When was Jake LaMotta die?
When did Jake LaMotta defend his title against Tiberio Mitri at Madison Square Garden in New York for the first time?
When was Jake LaMotta born?
When was Jake LaMotta inducted in the inaugural class of the International Boxing Hall of Fame?
What ailment caused Jake LaMotta to be rejected from the military during World War II?
When was Jake LaMotta knocked out by Billy Fox in the fourth round?
When was Jake LaMotta arrested for allegedly introducing men to an underage girl at a Miami nightclub he owned?
In which year did Jake LaMotta won the World Middleweight title?