James Baldwin Trivia Quiz: An American Writer

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James Baldwin Trivia Quiz: An American Writer

James Baldwin Quiz: How well do you know James Baldwin?

James Arthur Baldwin was born in 1924. He was a writer from the USA. Among other things, he was praised for his writings, books, plays, and poems. Go Tell It on the Mountain, his debut book, was launched in 1953; years later, Time magazine listed it among the top 100 English-language books produced between 1923 and 2005. Here’s a quiz based on James Baldwin. So, Let’s play the quiz.

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Let's Start this Quiz
In 1954, James Baldwin published the publication "The Amen Corner." What kind of work was it?
What James Baldwin book served as the basis for the Barry Jenkins' 2018 romantic drama movie?
Where was James Baldwin born?
Which of these characters appears in "Just Above My Head" by James Baldwin?
When did James Baldwin die?
What job did James Baldwin get in 1942?
James Baldwin wrote which of these works during his stay in Paris?
When was James Baldwin born?
When was the Baldwin’s book "Go Tell It on the Mountain" released?
James Baldwin left America at the age of 24 and never wanted to be identified as only an American-African writer. Where did he go?

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