James Buchanan Trivia Quiz:15th President of the US

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James Buchanan Trivia Quiz:15th President of the US

James Buchanan was the 15th President of the United States, serving from 1857 to 1861. He is known for his ineffective leadership during the lead up to the American Civil War, as he was unable to prevent the secession of several southern states. He also faced criticism for his pro-slavery stance and his handling of the Dred Scott case. Here are 10 quiz questions based on James Buchanan’s life. Let’s play the quiz!

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What was the name of James Buchanan's vice president?

  • John C. Breckinridge

  • Millard Fillmore

  • John Tyler

  • Hannibal Hamlin

What was the name of James Buchanan's estate in Pennsylvania?

  • Montpelier

  • Mount Vernon

  • Wheatland

  • The Hermitage

What was the name of the book James Buchanan wrote after leaving the presidency?

  • The Age of Reason

  • Democracy in America

  • The Art of War

  • Mr. Buchanan's Administration on the Eve of Rebellion

Who succeeded James Buchanan as President of the United States?

  • Abraham Lincoln

  • Ulysses S. Grant

  • Andrew Johnson

  • Rutherford B. Hayes

James Buchanan was the only President to hail from which state?

  • Ohio

  • Pennsylvania

  • Virginia

  • New York

James Buchanan served in which high-level government positions prior to becoming President?

  • Vice President and Speaker of the House

  • Secretary of State and Minister to Great Britain

  • Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and Secretary of the Treasury

  • Governor of Pennsylvania and Senator from Pennsylvania

What was James Buchanan's political party affiliation?

  • Democratic Party

  • Whig Party

  • Republican Party

  • Federalist Party

James Buchanan served as President of the United States during which decade?

  • 1840s

  • 1850s

  • 1860s

  • 1870s

What was James Buchanan's stance on slavery?

  • He was a strong advocate for abolitionism

  • He was a moderate who believed in gradual abolition

  • He was neutral on the issue of slavery

  • He was a defender of slavery and supported its expansion

James Buchanan is often criticized for his handling of what crisis?

  • The Civil War

  • The Mexican-American War

  • The Spanish-American War

  • The War of 1812


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