James Dobson Trivia Quiz: An American evangelical Christian author

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James Dobson Quiz: How well do you know James Dobson?

James Clayton Dobson Jr. is an American evangelical Christian author, psychologist, and founder of Focus on the Family, which he led from 1977 until 2010. Here are a brief bio and ten quiz questions with four options and answers. Let’s play this quiz and have fun answering the top 10 amazing quiz questions. 

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What is the name of the radio program produced by the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute?
What did James Dobson encourage parents to do in his book "Dare to Discipline"?
What did James Dobson become well-known for with the publication of his book "Dare to Discipline"?
Who did James Dobson call "the nation's most influential evangelical leader"?
What did James Dobson call for regarding Ted Bundy in 1989?
In what year did James Dobson found Family Talk as a non-profit organization?
What did James Dobson found in 1981?
James Dobson was born in which state of the United States?
What role did James Dobson have at the University of Southern California?
What was the name of the monthly bulletin James Dobson published?

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