James Dobson Trivia Quiz: An American evangelical Christian author

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James Clayton Dobson Jr. is an American evangelical Christian author, psychologist, and founder of Focus on the Family, which he led from 1977 until 2010. Here are a brief bio and ten quiz questions with four options and answers. Let’s play this quiz and have fun answering the top 10 amazing quiz questions. 

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What did James Dobson found in 1981?

  • Family Talk

  • Family Research Council

  • Focus on the Family

  • Family Counseling Center

What was the name of the monthly bulletin James Dobson published?

  • Focus on the Family Bulletin

  • Church Bulletin

  • Family Matters

  • Family Ties

What did James Dobson call for regarding Ted Bundy in 1989?

  • Bundy's release from prison

  • Bundy to be forgiven

  • A new trial for Bundy

  • The death penalty for Bundy

Who did James Dobson call "the nation's most influential evangelical leader"?

  • Pat Robertson

  • Jerry Falwell

  • Billy Graham

  • Himself

What role did James Dobson have at the University of Southern California?

  • Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics

  • Assistant Professor of Psychology

  • Dean of Students

  • Head of Athletics

What did James Dobson encourage parents to do in his book "Dare to Discipline"?

  • Let their children do whatever they want

  • Use corporal punishment in disciplining their children

  • Hire a professional nanny

  • Attend family counseling sessions

In what year did James Dobson found Family Talk as a non-profit organization?

  • 2005

  • 2008

  • 2010

  • 2012

What did James Dobson become well-known for with the publication of his book "Dare to Discipline"?

  • His views on marriage counseling

  • His opinions on politics

  • His support for corporal punishment in disciplining children

  • His stance on immigration

What is the name of the radio program produced by the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute?

  • Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk

  • Focus on the Family

  • Family Matters

  • The Dobson Hour

James Dobson was born in which state of the United States?

  • New York

  • Louisiana

  • California

  • Texas


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