James Watt Quiz: Invented Steam Engine

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  • Last Updated: 08 Apr, 2022
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James Watt Quiz: Invented Steam Engine

James Watt, the inventor, was born on 19 January 1736 and died on 25 August 1819. James Watt is best remembered for his improvements to the steam engine, though he invented and improved many new technologies during the 18th century. He is one of the great engineers who invented the Watt steam engine. Here are the top 10 quiz questions based on James Watt’s life.

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Who is James Watt?
What is the field of James Watt’s inventions?
Which of the following inventions were NOT done by James Watt?
When was James Watt born?
James Watt is known for the invention of ______.
What did James Watt invent?
From which university did James Watt complete his education?
Where was James Watt born?
To whom did James Watt marry?
When did James Watt die?