James Wright Trivia Quiz: Finest Contemporary Poet

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James Wright Trivia Quiz: Finest Contemporary Poet

James Wright Quiz: How well do you know James Wright?

As one of America's finest contemporary poets, James Wright was frequently hailed as one of the best. Critics and fellow poets alike admired him for his willingness and ability to experiment with language and style, as well as his thematic concerns, as well as for his willingness to experiment with language and style. In Stitt's opinion, Wright's early poems, especially those in his first two books, fall victim to a tendency to be more literary, more subject to the poetry and poets of the past, and as a result, are too subservient to the past. Here are ten trivia quiz questions based on James Wright. Let's play the quiz!

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In which year did James Wright's son Franz win the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry?
When did James Wright die?
Which of the following poem is NOT written by James Wright?
When was James Wright born?
Which of the following writing of James Wright was published in 1963?
To whom was James Wright married?
From which university did James Wright earn P.hd?
When was "The Temple at Nîmes" published?
Who was James Wright?
Where was James Wright born?

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