Jamie Dimon Trivia Quiz: An American CEO

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Jamie Dimon Trivia Quiz: An American CEO

Jamie Dimon Quiz: How well do you know Jamie Dimon?

James Dimon was born in 1956. He is a multibillionaire American banker and businessman who has served as chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase since 2005. JPMorgan Chase is the biggest of the major four American banks. Previously, Dimon served on the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's board of directors. Here’s a quiz based on James Dimon. So, Let’s play the quiz.

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In 2000, Dimon became the CEO of which company?
To whom did Dimon get married?
Which award did Dimon get in 2006?
Where was James Dimon born?
What award did Dimon get in 2012?
What year was Dimon named Chairman and President of JPMorgan Chase?
What year did Dimon favour raising income taxes for the rich?
When was James Dimon born?
Which organization's executive committee appointed Dimon as its chairman in 2011 and 2012?
What year was Dimon inducted into The Browning School Athletic Hall of Fame?

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