Jayaram Jayalalithaa Trivia Quiz: Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

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Jayaram Jayalalithaa Trivia Quiz: Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

Jayaram Jayalalithaa was born in the year 1948. She was one of the finest actresses and Indian politicians. Her father, Jayaram, was a professional lawyer. Jayaram Jayalalithaa appeared in 140 films where she played roles in different film industries, including Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. Her power pact performance in Indian movies gives her the fame "Queen of Tamil Cinema." She was also one of the powerful political leaders. Jayaram Jayalalithaa became Secretary of AIADMK propaganda. She also became the elected Rajya Sabha member. Let's just check how much you know about Jayaram Jayalalithaa.

From which university did Jayaram Jayalalithaa received the honorary doctorate?

  • Bharathidasan University

  • Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

  • Madurai Kamaraj University

  • All of these

What is the cause of Jayaram Jayalalithaa's death?

  • A. Infection

  • B. Acute dehydration

  • Both A and B

  • None of these

When did Jayaram Jayalalithaa die?

  • 5 December 2016

  • 6 December 2016

  • 7 December 2016

  • 8 December 2016

In which year, Jayaram Jayalalithaa was awarded Kalaimamani by the Government of Tamil Nadu?

  • 1972

  • 1973

  • 1974

  • 1975

How many times was Jayaram Jayalalithaa elected as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu?

  • Two

  • Six

  • Nine

  • Eleven

When was Jayaram Jayalalithaa born?

  • 22 February 1948

  • 23 February 1948

  • 24 February 1948

  • 25 February 1948

In which year, Jayaram Jayalalithaa was joined the AIADMK?

  • In June 1980

  • In June 1981

  • In June 1982

  • In June 1983

In which year, Jayaram Jayalalithaa was elected as the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly?

  • In 1987

  • In 1988

  • In 1989

  • In 1990

Which of the book is written by Jayalalithaa?

  • Short Stories for Kalki

  • Columns for Bommai

  • Thuglak in the 1970s

  • All of these

Where was Jayaram Jayalalithaa born?

  • Mysore

  • Mumbai

  • Hyderabad

  • Chennai


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