Jeff Bezos Quiz: An American Entrepreneur

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  • Last Updated: 24 Dec, 2021
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Jeff Bezos Quiz: An American Entrepreneur

Jeffery Preston Bezos was born in New Mexico, US, on January, 1964. He is an American entrepreneur, investor, computer engineer, media proprietor, commercial astronaut, and the executive chairman and founder of Amazon. According to the Forbes and Bloomberg’s Billionaire index, he is the second-richest person in the world. In 1986, Bezos completed his graduation from Princeton University. He carries a degree in electrical engineering and computer science.  Bezos established Amazon in late 1994; it is currently the world’s most significant online sales company. Here we’ve a quiz related to Jeff Bezos:

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In which year was Jeff Bezos first included in the Forbes Richest Billionaire list?
By the year 2019, the registered net worth of Jeff Bezos on Forbes is?
In which year did Jeff Bezos have a billionaire status?
Which of these dates is the day Jeff Bezos was born?
From which university Bezos holds a degree in electrical engineering and computer science?
When was the Amazon Company founded?
All but one of these companies is owned by Jeff Bezos?
Where did Jeff Bezos first start out the Amazon Company?
Where is the headquarters of the Amazon Company?
Where was Jeff Bezos born?