Jeff Weiner Quiz: Chief Executive Officer of LinkedIn

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Jeff Weiner Quiz: Chief Executive Officer of LinkedIn

The American businessman Jeffrey "Jeff" Weiner was born on 1970. He is currently the CEO of LinkedIn, one of the world's largest professional networks. He joined LinkedIn as Interim President in December 2008. Before joining LinkedIn in 2008, Weiner held various leadership positions at Yahoo during his seven years there, culminating as the Executive Vice President of Yahoo's Network Division.

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How much was the total investment made by Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn in January 2011?
What year did LinkedIn launch the LinkedIn DirectAds?
When did Jeff Weiner trade first shares on LinkedIn?
Where did Jeff Weiner use to work before he developed the LinkedIn website?
When was Jeff Weiner born?
When did LinkedIn enable an "applications platform" that allows other online services embedded within a member's profile page?
What mobile app makes LinkedIn acquire to scan business cards and convert contacts?
Where did Jeff Weiner born?
Where is the headquarters of LinkedIn?
When did Jeff Weiner launch LinkedIn?