Jennifer Weiner Trivia Quiz: An American Writer

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Jennifer Weiner Trivia Quiz: An American Writer

Jennifer Weiner Quiz: How well do you know Jennifer Weiner?

Jennifer Weiner was born in 1970. She is a reporter, television producer, and writer from the United States. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania serves as her home base. Good in Bed, her first book, came out in 2001. A film adaptation of her 2002 book In Her Shoes starred Toni Collette, Shirley MacLaine, and Cameron Diaz. Here’s a quiz based on Jennifer Weiner. So, Let’s play the quiz.

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Let's Start this Quiz
Where was Jennifer Weiner born?
When was Jennifer Weiner born?
To whom did Weiner get married?
What magazine published Jennifer Weiner's first story, "Tour of Duty," in 1992?
What year did Simon & Schuster publish Weiner's novel The Next Best Thing?
What is the name of Weiner's first novel?
In what year did Weiner post a critique of a Melissa Bank novel review by Curtis Sittenfeld on her blog?
Which university did Weiner enrol in at the age of 17 and later get an A.B. in English?
When did Weiner make a cameo as herself in "The Jade Crusade" from the Younger series?
Which newspaper did Weiner join after graduating from college?

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