Jeon Jung-kook Quiz: South Korean BTS Singer

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  • Last Updated: 10 Dec, 2021
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Jeon Jung-kook Quiz: South Korean BTS Singer

The South Korean singer and songwriter Jungkook, known by his mononym Jungkook, was born in September 1997. He is a member and vocalist of the South Korean boy band BTS. He attended Baekyang Elementary and Middle School in Busan with his parents and elder brother. Jungkook initially wanted to become a badminton player when he was young, but after watching G-Dragon perform "Heartbreaker" on television, he decided to become a singer.

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What did Jungkook want his profession to be when he was younger?
Which of the following is an accurate Jungkook nickname?
What genre of music does he play?
Which Justin Beiber song has Jungkook covered?
Why did Jungkook start learning English?
Which Hyung does Jungkook like to bully about his height?
When was Jeon Jung-kook born?
Jungkook's favorite Avenger is:
Which of these music labels is he associated with Jungkook?
Where is Jungkook's hometown?