Jimin Quiz: A South Korean Singer

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  • Last Updated: 10 Jun, 2022
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Jimin Quiz: A South Korean Singer

Park Ji-min, well-known as Jimin, was born in 1995. He is a singer and dancer from South Korea. He debuted in 2013 as a South Korean boy band BTS member under the record label Big Hit Entertainment. Jimin earned his bachelor's degree in Broadcasting and Entertainment from Global Cyber University in August 2020. He is a Master of Business Administration in Media and Advertising student at Hanyang Cyber University as of 2021. Let's play the quiz based on Jimin.

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When did Jimin join BTS?
Jimin's first solo song was _______?
Where was Jimin born?
In 2014, whom did Jimin collaborate with on a song called "Christmas Day?"
Jimin attended which high school?
When did Jimin name the 14th most popular idol in an annual poll?
Jimin's which solo music video achieved 100 million views on YouTube in 2019?
What is the nickname of Jimin?
When was Jimin born?
What did Jimin do before his debut ?