Joe Biden Trivia Quiz: 46th President Of The United States

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Joe Biden Trivia Quiz: 46th President Of The United States

Joe Biden Quiz: How well do you know Joe Biden?

Joe Biden was born in the year 1942. He is an American politician who is currently serving as the president of the United States. Joe Biden is a man who spent all his life in public service. He became the senator and vice president. He also faced profound family loss, but his ethics and love towards the country never stopped him. Joe Biden is one of the leading personalities in America. Let’s take a quiz to test your knowledge, how well you know about Joe Biden.

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Who Is Joe Biden? Play Quiz on Joe Biden, Joe Biden Question and Answer, Joe Biden Quick Questions, Joe Biden MCQ Questions, MCQS

When was Joe Biden born?
Joe Biden was born in ____________.
Who is Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.’s wife?
Joe Biden served as ___________ vice president.
Who was the US president when Biden was vice-president of the US?
Joe Biden is a member of which political party?
What is the full name of Joe Biden?
From which university did Joe Biden received his law degree?
Joe Biden is serving as the _________ president of the United States.
At what age, Biden elected as the youngest United States Senate?

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