Joe Louis Quiz: An American Professional Boxer

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Joe Louis Quiz: An American Professional Boxer

Joseph Louis Barrow was born in Alabama, the U.S., in May 1914. From 1934 through 1951, he was a professional boxer in the United States. Louis was also named the Brown Bomber and is widely considered one of the best and most influential boxers. From 1937 until his short retirement in 1949, he was the world heavyweight champion. He won 25 straight championship defenses, a world record for all weight classes. In addition, Louis held the record for the longest single reign as champion in boxing history. Here’s a quiz based on Joe Louis.

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When did Louis become World Champion?
What was Joe Louis' nickname in boxing?
After fighting, which boxer did Joe Louis abdicate his title?
When did Joe Louis die?
When did Louis Announce his retirement from boxing?
Where was Joe Louis born?
In 1959, to whom did Louis get married?
When was Louis made his debut in boxing?
In 1937, who did Louis defeat to become the heavyweight champion?
When was Joe Louis born?