Joel Trammell Quiz: An American businessman

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Joel Trammell Quiz: An American businessman

Joel Trammell was born in Louisiana in April 1965. He is an American businessman and entrepreneur. Joel is most known for his work in executive education and software development. Trammell is the chairman and founder of Khorus Software, which provides strategy-executive software to CEOs. He was previously the CEO of Black Box Network Services. He is also the author of The CEO Tightrope, released in 2014 by Greenleaf Book Group. Joel graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering in 1987. Here's a quiz based on Joel Trammell.

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Which of these books was Joel Trammell written?
When was Joel Trammell born?
Where was Joel Trammell born?
When was Joel’s Khorus Software officially launched?
To whom did Joel get married?
From which University did Joel receive his Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering?
In 2006, which of these awards was Joel awarded?
In which year did Joel win the CEO Poker Tournament?
Which of these was Joel Trammell founded?
In 2011, which of these companies was Joel co-founded?