John Delorean Trivia Quiz: An American Engineer, Inventor

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John DeLorean was an American engineer and entrepreneur who created the DeLorean DMC-12 sports car, famously featured in the movie "Back to the Future," and founded the DeLorean Motor Company.

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What was the outcome of DeLorean's trial after being charged with cocaine trafficking?

  • Guilty verdict

  • Not guilty verdict

  • Pleaded no contest

  • The trial was dismissed

Which of the following vehicles was not developed by DeLorean during his career?

  • Pontiac Grand Prix

  • Chevrolet Cosworth Vega

  • Ford Mustang

  • Pontiac GTO

What was the weight of cocaine worth approximately $24 million that DeLorean was solicited to sell?

  • 100 lb

  • 200 lb

  • 220 lb

  • 240 lb

Where did DeLorean die?

  • Los Angeles, California

  • New York, New York

  • Detroit, Michigan

  • Summit, New Jersey

What was DeLorean's role at General Motors?

  • CEO

  • Division Chief

  • Chief Engineer

  • Chief Financial Officer

What was DeLorean's educational background?

  • He did not have any formal education

  • He had a degree in law

  • He had a degree in automotive engineering

  • He had an MBA

How much was DMC in debt at the time of DeLorean's arrest?

  • $17 million

  • $14 million

  • $7 million

  • $20 million

What was John DeLorean's most famous car, which was featured in the film Back to the Future?

  • Pontiac GTO

  • Chevrolet Cosworth Vega

  • Pontiac Firebird

  • DMC DeLorean

In what year did DeLorean found the DeLorean Motor Company?

  • 1973

  • 1979

  • 1975

  • 1977

In what year did DeLorean die?

  • 2003

  • 2004

  • 2007

  • 2005


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