John Singer Sargent Trivia Quiz: Famous Italian Painter Trivia

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John Singer Sargent Trivia Quiz: Famous Italian Painter Trivia

John Singer Sargent was one of the famous painters, born on January 12, 1856, in Florence. As an American expatriate, he is regarded as one of the "greatest portrait painters of the twentieth century" for his art that evokes the Edwardian period. He created nearly 900 oil paintings, countless sketches, over 2,000 watercolors, and charcoal drawings. Here is the quiz on the Most Famous Painter Of The 20th Century. Let's play it!

Where was John Singer Sargent born?

  • United States

  • France

  • Italy

  • Canada

At what age did John Singer Sargent make a portrait of teacher Carolus-Duran?

  • 21

  • 22

  • 23

  • 24

Who was John Singer Sargent?

  • Painter 

  • Singer

  • Dancer

  • Actor

When did John Singer Sargent die?

  • April 11, 1925

  • April 12, 1925

  • April 13, 1925

  • April 14, 1925

Who is John Singer Sargent by Profession?

  • Singer

  • Painter 

  • Actor

  • Author

What is the religion of John Singer Sargent?

  • Catholicism

  • Christianity

  • Spiritism

  • Jewish

Why did 'Madame X's' portrait arouse such controversy?

  • It was provocatively erotic

  • It was crappy painting

  • It has an impressionist style

  • None of these

Madame X is a portrait of whom?

  • Carolus-Duran 

  • Madame Gautreau

  • Childrens

  • None of these

What is the height of John Singer Sargent?

  • 5 Feet , 4 Inches

  • 4 Feet, 8 Inches

  • 5 Feet, 11 Inches

  • 6 Feet , 2 Inches

John Singer Sargent had the nationality of which country?

  • America

  • Canada

  • India

  • None of these

What is the cause of death of John Singer Sargent?

  • Accident

  • Heart failure

  • Cancer

  • Cardiovascular disease

Which of the following paintings was NOT made by John Singer Sargent?

  •  El Jaleo

  • Portrait of Madame X

  • The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit

  • Monalisa

What is the name of John Singer Sargent's father?

  • Robert Simpson

  • Garret Henry 

  • FitzWilliam 

  • Jarvis Waring

What types of paintings did John Singer Sargent make?

  • Religious 

  • Portrait

  • Landscape

  • None of these

When was John Singer Sargent born?

  • January 11, 1856 

  • January 12, 1856 

  • January 13, 1856 

  • January 14, 1856 


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