John T. Stankey Quiz: Chief Executive Officer of AT&T

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  • Last Updated: 17 Mar, 2022
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John T. Stankey Quiz: Chief Executive Officer of AT&T

John T. Stankey was born in Texas, the U.S., in December 1962. He is an American businessman who is now the CEO of AT&T Inc. A member of the directors' board of AT&T Inc. Stankey was previously the president and COO of AT&T and the former CEO of WarnerMedia. In addition, he managed AT&T's 2015 and 2018 purchases of DirecTV and Time Warner, respectively. Stankey took over as AT&T's CEO on July 1, 2020, succeeding Randall L. Stephenson. Here's a quiz based on John T. Stankey. So, let's take the quiz.

Let's Start this Quiz
When was Stankey became the CEO of WarnerMedia?
In 2001, Stankey was appointed to which position in SBC Southwest?
In 1980, from which university did Stankey graduate with a B.B.A. in Finance?
Stankey served for which position for UPS from 2014 until 2020?
In which year did Stankey become the CEO of AT&T Entertainment Group?
When was Stankey took an entry-level position with Pacific Bell?
Where was John T. Stankey born?
When was AT&T announced that Stankey would be stepping down as CEO of WarnerMedia?
When was John T. Stankey born?
Where was Stankey Raised?