John Tyler Trivia Quiz: 10th President of US

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John Tyler was the tenth president of the United States, serving from 1841 to 1845. He became president after William Henry Harrison's death, setting a lasting precedent by immediately taking the presidential oath of office. Tyler was a stalwart supporter of states' rights, including regarding slavery, and adopted nationalistic policies as president only when they did not infringe on the states' powers. He faced significant opposition from the Whig Party, and most of his cabinet resigned shortly into his term. Tyler's presidency is generally ranked low by historians.

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Which of the following did John Tyler NOT hold during his political career?

  • Virginia state legislator

  • Governor of Virginia

  • U.S. representative

  • U.S. senator

Who did John Tyler become president after?

  • Martin Van Buren

  • William Henry Harrison

  • Andrew Jackson

  • John Quincy Adams

What party was John Tyler a member of before joining the Whig Party?

  • Federalist Party

  • Democratic-Republican Party

  • Anti-Federalist Party

  • Know-Nothing Party

What was John Tyler's stance on the annexation of Texas?

  • He was against it.

  • He was indifferent to it.

  • He believed it was economically advantageous to the United States.

  • He believed it would lead to war with Mexico.

How is John Tyler remembered in American cultural memory?

  • He is remembered as one of the greatest presidents.

  • He is seldom remembered compared to other presidents.

  • He is remembered for his contributions to the Civil War.

  • He is remembered for his foreign-policy achievements.

What was John Tyler's stance on states' rights?

  • He was against them.

  • He was indifferent to them.

  • He was a stalwart supporter of them.

  • He only supported them when they didn't conflict with national policies.

What did John Tyler veto during his presidency that caused the Whig Party to expel him?

  • Bills to create a national bank.

  • Bills to raise tariff rates.

  • Bills to expand executive power.

  • Bills to abolish slavery.

What was the campaign slogan of the Harrison-Tyler ticket in the 1840 presidential election?

  • "Hope and Change"

  • "Make America Great Again"

  • "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too"

  • "Yes We Can"

What treaty did John Tyler sign with Britain to stop oceanic African slave trafficking?

  • Treaty of Ghent

  • Webster-Ashburton Treaty

  • Treaty of Paris

  • Treaty of Versailles

What did John Tyler do when the American Civil War began?

  • Supported the Confederacy from the beginning.

  • Supported the Union from the beginning.

  • Supported the Peace Conference.

  • Stayed neutral.


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