Johnny Depp Quiz: Beloved Actor from "Pirates of Caribbean"

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  • Last Updated: 28 Feb, 2022
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Johnny Depp Quiz: Beloved Actor from

Johnny Depp was born in the year 1963. All over the world, he is a popular and beloved actor. In the Pirates of Caribbean film series, he played Jack Sparrow. This Johnny Depp quiz contains ten multiple choice questions and answers about this actor's career and biography. With this free online quiz, you can answer multiple-choice questions without registering.

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Which film production company did Depp find in 2014?
How many Academy Awards did Johnny Depp win?
When was Johnny Depp born?
Who was Johnny Depp before he became an actor?
In which movie did Depp make his debut?
What role did Depp play in Pirates of the Caribbean?
Where was Johnny Depp born?
How many British Academy Film Awards did Johnny Depp win?
Johnny Depp married to whom?
Who is Johnny Depp?