Josephine Abercrombie Quiz: An American Horsewoman

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Josephine Abercrombie Quiz: An American Horsewoman

Josephine Avalona Abercrombie was born in Kingston, Jamaica, on January 15, 1926. She was an American businessman, Horsewoman, philanthropist, boxing promoter, and the originator of The Lexington School in Lexington, Kentucky. Abercrombie began riding quarter horses on her father's ranch in West Texas and talking lessons to ride a saddle horse when she was ten years old. As a result, Abercrombie began competing in horse events, including the 1953 National Horse Show at Madison Square Garden, where she earned twelve blue ribbons. Here's a quiz based on Josephine Abercrombie.

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Where was Josephine Abercrombie born?
To whom did Abercrombie get married in 1964?
In 1952, where was Abercrombie built Pin Oak Farm?
When did Abercrombie die?
When was Abercrombie first came to the Keeneland Yearling Sale with her father?
When was Abercrombie started the Houston Boxing Association?
Till 2021, how many times did Abercrombie get married and divorced?
Which school was Abercrombie founded?
When was Abercrombie won twelve blue ribbons at National Horse Show?
When was Josephine Abercrombie born?