Judith R. Faulkner Trivia Quiz: An American Entrepreneur

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Judith R. Faulkner Trivia Quiz: An American Entrepreneur

Judith R. Faulkner Quiz: How well do you know Judith R. Faulkner?

Judith R. Faulkner is an American entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Epic Systems, a healthcare software company. Under her leadership, Epic Systems has become a leading provider of electronic medical records, with clients including major hospitals and medical centers around the world. Faulkner is known for her philanthropic efforts as well. Here are 10 amazing quiz questions on Judith R. Faulkner. Lets’ play the quiz!

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Will Epic Systems ever go public, according to Judith R. Faulkner?
What was the original name of Epic Systems?
Where was Epic Systems initially located?
How was Epic Systems initially funded?
What percentage of Epic Systems does Judith R. Faulkner and her family own till 2023?
What is the name of the healthcare software company founded by Judith R. Faulkner?
Who co-founded Epic Systems with Judith R. Faulkner?
How many people's medical records does Epic Systems hold?
In what year was Epic Systems founded?
When was Judith R. Faulkner born?

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