Judith Resnik Trivia Quiz: American electrical engineer & Astronaut

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Judith Arlene Resnik was an American electrical engineer, software engineer, biomedical engineer, pilot, and NASA astronaut who died in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. She was the second American woman and the first Jewish woman of any nationality to fly in space. Here are ten quiz questions about her life and career:

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Where did Resnik earn her PhD in electrical engineering?

  • Harvard University

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • University of Maryland

  • Stanford University

Which group was Resnik a part of as an astronaut?

  • NASA Astronaut Group 1

  • NASA Astronaut Group 5

  • NASA Astronaut Group 8

  • NASA Astronaut Group 10

What was Resnik's profession?

  • Electrical engineer

  • Mechanical engineer

  • Civil engineer

  • Aerospace engineer

In which mission did Resnik operate the robotic arm of the Space Shuttle?

  • STS-51-L

  • STS-41-D

  • STS-107

  • STS-135

How many hours did Resnik log in orbit during her space missions?

  • 145 hours

  • 200 hours

  • 250 hours

  • 300 hours

Where did Resnik work as a senior systems engineer?

  • NASA

  • Xerox Corporation

  • National Institutes of Health

  • RCA

In which city did Resnik grow up?

  • New York City

  • Los Angeles

  • Chicago

  • Akron

Which musical instrument did Resnik play?

  • Guitar

  • Guitar

  • Piano

  • Violin

Which Space Shuttle mission did Resnik die in?

  • STS-51-L

  • STS-41-D

  • STS-107

  • STS-135

At what age was Resnik selected by NASA as a mission specialist?

  • 21

  • 28

  • 35

  • 42


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