Justine Siegemund Trivia Quiz: Silesian Midwife

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Justine Siegemund, also known as Siegemundin, was a Silesian midwife who lived from 26 December 1636 to 10 November 1705. Her famous Court Midwife, published in 1690, was the most widely read German obstetrical manual written by a female author. Siegemund started practicing midwifery after being mistreated by incompetent midwives. She was a renowned midwife, providing free services to poor women in her community, including peasant women. Siegemund was appointed the city midwife of Legnica/Lignitz and the court midwife of Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg. She also served as a royal midwife for Marie-Amalie, Duchess of Saxony-Zeitz, and attended many other births within the Berlin area.

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How many infants did Siegemund birth in her lifetime?

  • Almost 4,000

  • Almost 5,000

  • Almost 6,000

  • Almost 7,000

How did Siegemund protect her intellectual property stake in her book?

  • By gaining printing privileges from the Electors of Brandenburg and Saxony, as well as the Holy Roman Emperor

  • By keeping her manuscript in a locked box

  • By publishing her book anonymously

  • By only sharing her book with a select group of midwives

What was Siegemund's father's profession?

  • Lawyer

  • Doctor

  • Minister

  • Carpenter

When was Justine Siegemund born?

  • 26 December 1626

  • 26 December 1636

  • 26 December 1646

  • 26 December 1656

What motivated Siegemund to educate herself about obstetrics?

  • Her experience with incompetent midwives

  • Her husband's encouragement

  • Her father's profession as a doctor

  • Her desire to become a doctor

Who appointed Siegemund as his court midwife in Berlin?

  • Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg

  • Louis XIV of France

  • William III of England

  • Charles II of Spain

Where was Justine Siegemund born?

  • USA

  • Poland

  • Canada

  • UK

What was the title of Siegemund's famous obstetrical manual?

  • Court Midwife

  • Medical Guide for Women

  • The Birth Book

  • The Midwife's Handbook

Was Siegemund's marriage childless?

  • The Court Midwife

  • Lawyer

  • Doctor

  • None of the above

What was Justine Siegemund's profession?

  • Nurse

  • Midwife

  • Doctor

  • Teacher


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