Juvenile Justice TV Series Quiz: Which Juvenile Justice Character Are You?

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Juvenile Justice TV Series Quiz: Which Juvenile Justice Character Are You?

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Which character from the hit Netflix series "Juvenile Justice" are you most like? Are you someone that taps into their compassionate and idealistic side, a judge like Shim Eun-seok? A prosecutor who’s dedicated and puts in more hours than they sleep, like Cha Tae-joo? Or maybe someone who’s intelligence is destined for amazing things but has had a troubled past like Kang Won-sik?
Take this Juvenile Justice quiz to find out!
The quiz will be asking about your personality, your values, and what you think about the justice system when it comes to youth. It will also consider how you handle relationships with others and what you do when things get difficult. It might sound like an odd quiz to take but by the end of it, you’ll have a better understanding of yourself and which character from “Juvenile Justice” you’re most like.

Let's Start this Quiz
How do you deal with personal setbacks or failures?
What role do you often take in a group setting?
How do you react when faced with a moral dilemma?
What is your approach to solving problems?
How do you handle injustice or unfair treatment?
What drives you to seek justice for others?
How do you handle conflicts with others?
How do you handle high-pressure situations?
How do you handle difficult personal relationships?
How do you approach building trust with others?
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