Kajal Aggarwal Quiz: An Indian Actress

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  • Last Updated: 20 Jul, 2022
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Kajal Aggarwal Quiz: An Indian Actress

Kajal Aggarwal was born in 1985 in Maharashtra. She is an actress and model from India who primarily features in Telugu and Tamil films, with a few Hindi films thrown in for good measure. In addition to appearing in more than 50 movies, Aggarwal has won two South Indian International Movie Awards. Here’s a quiz based on Kajal Aggarwal. Let’s play the quiz.

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Kajal starred with Prabhas in which film in 2011?
For Singham, Kajal received the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut - Hindi in which year?
When was Kajal Aggarwal born?
In which of these films did Kajal make her acting debut?
In 2013, which of Kajal's films was the most successful?
What is the name of Kajal's husband?
In what film did Kajal achieve her breakthrough?
Among Kajal's Telugu films in 2014, which was the highest grosser?
Which of these countries has installed a wax statue of Kajal as the first actress from South Indian Cinema?
Where was Kajal Aggarwal born?