Kenneth Chenault Quiz: American Business Executive

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Kenneth Chenault Quiz: American Business Executive

Kenneth Irvine Chenault is a business executive from the United States born in 1951. Chenault has served on many boards over his career. Since February 2018, Chenault has been a member of Facebook's board of directors. In March 2020, it was reported that Chenault would resign from the Facebook board of directors and join the Berkshire Hathaway board of directors, succeeding Bill Gates. Take this quiz to test your knowledge about Kenneth Chenault.

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Kenneth Chenault announced his appointment as chairman and managing director of ____________ in January 2018.
Kenneth Chenault received the Old North Foundation's Third Lantern Award for individual devotion and dedication to public service on_____
When was Kenneth Chenault born?
From what year did Kenneth Chenault take over as Chairman and CEO of American Express?
When did Kenneth Chenault become president and chief operating officer?
Kenneth Chenault stepped down from the Facebook board of directors in March 2020 to join the board of __________, succeeding Bill Gates.
Kenneth Chenault announced in December 2018 that he would leave his board positions at ____________ on February 13, 2019.
When did Kenneth Chenault speak at Wake Forest University and Northeastern University's commencement ceremonies?
When did Kenneth Chenault start working for American Express in the Strategic Planning Group?
Kenneth Chenault was admitted into the Junior Achievement U.S. Business Hall of Fame in which year?