Kenneth Noland Trivia Quiz: A prominent American painter

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Kenneth Noland Trivia Quiz: A prominent American painter

Kenneth Noland Quiz: How well do you know Kenneth Noland?

Kenneth Noland was one of the prominent American painters who was associated with the Color Field movement. Born in North Carolina, he studied at Black Mountain College under Josef Albers and Ilya Bolotowsky. His art was characterized by circles, chevrons, stripes, and shaped canvases, which explored the relationship between image and the picture's edge. In 1977, he had a major retrospective at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. Here are ten quiz questions about Kenneth Noland:

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What was Kenneth Noland's preoccupation in his art?
What kind of paintings did Kenneth Noland create in the 1960s?
What museum exhibited Kenneth Noland's Stripe Paintings in 2006?
What did Kenneth Noland study at Black Mountain College?
In what movement is Kenneth Noland associated?
What kind of canvases did Kenneth Noland pioneer?
What technique did Kenneth Noland adopt from Helen Frankenthaler?
Where was Kenneth Noland born?
What exhibition curated by Clement Greenberg did Kenneth Noland participate in?
Who was Kenneth Noland's teacher at Black Mountain College?

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