Kishore Kumar Quiz: The most loveable singer

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  • Last Updated: 26 Nov, 2021
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Kishore Kumar Quiz: The most loveable singer

Kishore Kumar was an Indian playback singer and actor born in august 1929 and died in October 1987. He has been widely regarded as one of the greatest singers in the history of Indian music. From soft number to peppy track to romantic mood, Kishore Kumar sang in different genres, but some of his rare compositions considered classics have since been lost.

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What was the original name of Kishore Kumar?
What is the birth date of Kishore Kumar?
Which of the following is Kishore Kumar's debut film?
What was his last movie as an actor?
What song by Kishore Kumar was featured in an episode of the animated TV series 'The Simpsons'
Which song won Kishore Kumar his first Filmfare award?
What is the number of Filmfare Awards he has won as a singer?
For what music director did Kishore Kumar record his last song?
When he converted to Islam to marry Madhubala, what did he change his name to?
What is the number of marriages Kishore Kumar had?