Larry Ellison Quiz: An American Businessman

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Larry Ellison Quiz: An American Businessman

Lawrence Joseph Ellison was born in August 1944 in New York. He is an American Businessman and investor who co-founded Oracle Corporation and serves as its executive chairman, chief technology officer (CTO), and former CEO. As of January 2022, he was the ninth-wealthiest person in the United States and tenth-wealthiest person in the world, so according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, with a fortune of about $108 billion, up from about $57.3 billion in 2018. Here's a quiz based on Larry Ellison.

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Where was Larry Ellison born?
When did Forbes lists rank Ellison as the wealthiest Californian?
When did Ellison first get married?
Where did Ellison study in college for two years before moving to Chicago?
When did Ellison step down as Oracle's CEO?
When was Larry Ellison born?
Which of these is the flagship product of Oracle Systems Corporation?
What was the name of the database for the CIA that Ellison developed?
Who inspired Ellison on relational database systems?
What movie did Ellison appear for a cameo?