Larry Page Trivia Quiz: A Google man

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Larry Page Trivia Quiz: A Google man

Lawrence Edward Page was born in 1973 in the U.S. He is commonly known as "Larry Page". Page is one of the great American computer scientists who co-founded Google. Larry Page is educated at Okemos Montessori School in Okemos, Michigan, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from East Lansing High School. In addition, he received honors in computer engineering and a master's degree in computer science. Let's take a quiz to test your knowledge about how much you know Larry Page (co-founder of Google).

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To whom did Larry Page get married in the year 2007?

  • Linda Southworth

  • Marla Ann Maples

  • Marla Southworth

  • Lucinda Southworth

Where was Larry Page born?

  • Washington, D.C.

  • Lansing, Michigan

  • Texas

  • Florida

In August 2015, Google was Restructures as ______________.

  • PageRank

  • Alphabet

  • Microsoft

  • Yahoo

What is the date of birth of Lawrence Edward Page?

  • March 23, 1973

  • March 23, 1974

  • March 26, 1973

  • March 26, 1974

Who is Larry Page?

  • A. Computer scientist

  • B. Internet entrepreneur

  • Both A and B

  • None of these

From which university, Larry Page complete his Ph.D. in computer science?

  • Kazan Federal University

  • University of Wisconsin–Madison

  • Stanford University

  • None of these

Who is the founder of Google?

  • A. Sergey Brin

  • B. Larry Page

  • C. Sundar Pichai

  • Both A and B

Which of the following awards was received by Brin and Larry Page in 2004?

  • Golden Plate Award

  • Communication Award

  • Marconi Prize

  • All of these

Larry Page is co-founder of which organizations?

  • Google

  • Alphabet Inc.

  • PageRank

  • All of these

When did Google launch chrome Browser?

  • September 2008

  • September 2009

  • December 2008

  • December 2009


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