Lavanya Tripathi Quiz: An Indian Actress

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Lavanya Tripathi Quiz: An Indian Actress

Lavanya Tripathi was born in 1990 in Uttar Pradesh. She is an Indian model, actress, and dancer who primarily appears in Telugu and a few Tamil movies. In 2006, she took home the Miss Uttarakhand crown and began modelling. With the television programme Pyaar Ka Bandhan, Tripathi made her acting debut. She then made her film debut with the 2012 release of Andala Rakshasi, for which she received the CineMAA  Award for Best Female Debut.

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With which film Lavanya marked her Telugu debut?
In which year did Lavanya begin her film career?
When was Lavanya Tripathi born?
For which film Lavanya won the CineMAA Best Female Debut?
In which year Lavanya won the Rising Star of the Year Award?
When did Lavanya become the Miss Uttarakhand?
Lavanya began her career with which television series?
In which film did Lavanya make her debut as a solo lead?
Lavanya marked her Tamil cinema debut with which film?
Where was Lavanya Tripathi born?