Leo Fender Trivia Quiz: An American Inventor

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Leo Fender Quiz: How well do you know Leo Fender?

Leo Fender was an American inventor and musician who founded the Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company, creating some of the most iconic and influential guitars and amplifiers in music history.

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Let's Start this Quiz
Leo Fender's Bassman amplifier became the basis for later amplifiers made by which companies?
What was the name of the company Leo Fender founded that he later sold to CBS?
Who did Leo Fender start G&L Musical Products with?
Which of the following did G&L guitar designs incorporate?
Which instrument did Leo Fender design that set the standard for electric basses?
Which new company did Leo Fender start in 1979?
What was Leo Fender best known for designing?
Which famous guitarists did NOT play instruments designed by Leo Fender?
Which famous guitar was Leo Fender responsible for designing?
When was Leo Fender inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

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