Leonardo da Vinci Quiz: Creator of Monalisa Painting

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Leonardo da Vinci Quiz: Creator of Monalisa Painting

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci was born on 15 April 1452 and died on 2 May 1519. While he first gained fame for his achievements as a painter, he later became known for the notebooks he kept. A polymath of the High Renaissance, he was an Italian painter, engineer, draughtsman, scientist, sculptor, theorist, and architect. Here are the top trivia quiz questions based on Leonardo da Vinci's life. Let's Play!

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What was the order Leonardo received from the ruling Sforza clan?
When was Leonardo da Vinci born?
When did Leonardo da Vinci die?
Which painting of Leonardo da Vinci is regarded as the World's most famous Leonardo da Vinci paintings?
How big is Leonardo's famous painting of the Mona Lisa?
In which year did the last supper created by Leonardo?
Several historians credit Leonardo da Vinci as the founding father of the ____________ and among the greatest painters.
Where was Leonardo da Vinci born?
In which year did Leonardo da Vinci become a master painter?
How is Leonardo da Vinci known?