Lewis Howard Latimer Trivia Quiz: African-American Inventor and Patent Draftsman

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Lewis Howard Latimer Quiz: How well do you know Lewis Howard Latimer?

Lewis Howard Latimer was an African American inventor and patent expert who worked with Thomas Edison and helped improve the electric light bulb, as well as invented an improved toilet system and a carbon filament for light bulbs.

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What was the name of Latimer's daughter who married Gerald Fitzherbert Norman?
What was Latimer's salary when he was promoted to the position of head draftsman at the patent law firm?
In what neighborhood did Latimer settle in Bridgeport, Connecticut?
What was Lewis Howard Latimer's occupation at the Edison Electric Light Company?
In what city was the Lewis H. Latimer House located?
Who did Latimer draft the necessary drawings required to receive a patent for their telephone in 1876?
What was the name of the improved toilet system for railroad cars that Latimer co-patented in 1874?
What modification did Latimer invent while working at the U.S. Electric Lighting Company?
What was the name of Latimer's wife?
At what age did Latimer join the U.S. Navy?

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