Lisa Nowak Trivia Quiz: An American Astronaut

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Lisa Nowak Trivia Quiz: An American Astronaut

Lisa Nowak Quiz: How well do you know Lisa Nowak?

Lisa Marie Nowak was born in 1963. She is a retired NASA astronaut, American aeronautical engineer, and officer in the US Navy. After serving in the Navy as a test pilot and naval flight officer, Nowak was selected by NASA for Astronaut Group 16 in 1996, in which he is qualified as a robotics mission specialist. Here’s a quiz based on her. So, Let’s play the quiz.

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When did Nowak complete his aeronautical engineering bachelor's degree?
What moon mission did Nowak watch that sparked his interest in space exploration?
Where was Lisa Nowak born?
When was Lisa Nowak born?
What was the rank of Lisa Nowak in the US Navy?
In which year did Nowak complete her astronaut training?
When did Lisa Nowak receive orders to report to Pensacola Naval Air Station, Florida?
To whom did Lisa Nowak get married?
In 1993, Nowak was selected to attend which school?
In 2006, What mission did Lisa Nowak fly on the Space Shuttle Discovery?

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