Which Lookism Character Are You? - Lookism Quiz

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Which Lookism Character Are You? - Lookism Quiz

Take this popular Lookism Quiz to see which iconic character from the Tv series Lookism are you?

The author and illustrator of the South Korean webcomic Lookism is Taejun Pak.Show More

In November 2014, the webtoon debuted as a weekly publication on Naver Webtoon. The protagonist of the tale is a high school student who has the ability to switch between two bodies—one fit and attractive, the other fat and ugly. Being overweight makes Park Hyung Seok an unpopular and bullied high school student who is mocked by his peers. He is verbally abusive to his mother and requests a change of school because he is bullied and harassed by a delinquent every day. He relocates to Seoul and makes plans to enrol in a new high school, determined to flee his issues and start over.
What Character From Lookism Quiz Are You? 
This quiz will assess your knowledge of the popular manga series Lookism. The quiz series also covers the various character and series situations. Based on the results, you may find yourself in the role of the series' protagonist. 

What you learn to embrace Lookism character unique qualities and overcome societal expectations?
In "Lookism, how do characters learn to appreciate each other beyond superficial attributes?
How do characters navigate the challenges of popularity and social status?
How do Lookism character’s find strength and resilience in the midst of adversity?
How characters support each other through tough times, emphasizing the importance of genuine connections?
How does physical appearance of characters impact the professional lives, and how do they overcome workplace discrimination?
How do characters support each other in times of need?
How does the protagonist's experience with bullying impact his self-esteem and personal growth?
How does having two bodies impact his relationships and daily life?
How the series challenges or reinforces societal stereotypes about attractiveness and love?
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