L'Wren Scott Trivia Quiz: An American fashion designer

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Laura "Luann" Bambrough, also known as L'Wren Scott, was an American fashion designer, model, and stylist. She began her career in Paris as a model before becoming a sought-after stylist for Hollywood stars like Madonna and Julia Roberts. In 2006, she launched her own fashion line, which was characterized by elegant femininity with unique elements. She also provided etiquette tips and expanded her brand to include shoes, handbags, glasses, makeup, and perfume. Unfortunately, in 2014, she was found dead in her apartment after struggling with depression, and she had a long-term relationship with Mick Jagger.

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What was L'Wren Scott's birth name?

  • Laura Scott

  • Luann Bambrough

  • Lula Bambrough

  • Ivan Bambrough

What did L'Wren Scott provide tips on?

  • Cooking

  • Fitness

  • Etiquette

  • DIY home improvement

Who did L'Wren Scott have a long-term relationship with?

  • Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Brad Pitt

  • George Clooney

  • Mick Jagger

How did L'Wren Scott pass away?

  • Natural causes

  • Car accident

  • Suicide 

  • Unknown

What was L'Wren Scott's profession?

  • Model and fashion designer

  • Actress and musician

  • Chef and writer

  • Painter and poet

What did L'Wren Scott learn to do at a young age due to her height?

  • Play basketball

  • Sing opera

  • Sew her own clothes

  • Dance ballet

Which brand did L'Wren Scott collaborate with to produce affordable holiday clothing items?

  • Chanel

  • Gucci

  • Banana Republic

  • Louis Vuitton

What was L'Wren Scott's first commercial success?

  • Modeling for Chanel

  • Designing shoes

  • Acting in a movie

  • Being the legs on a clock for Pretty Polly hosiery ads

What was L'Wren Scott's height?

  • 5 ft 8 in

  • 6 ft 0 in

  • 6 ft 3 in

  • 7 ft 2 in

What was the main characteristic of L'Wren Scott's fashion line?

  • Masculine and edgy

  • Classic and timeless

  • Sumptuous femininity with unconventional touches

  • Athletic and sporty


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