Maid TV Series Quiz: Which Maid Series Character You Are?

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Maid TV Series Quiz: Which Maid Series Character You Are?

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Who do you think you are from the Netflix miniseries “Maid”? Take this quiz to discover!

The show’s main characters include Alex, Sean, Regina, Yolanda, and Paula. The characters have their own personalities. Some good, some bad.

By the end of this quiz, you’ll know which one of these characters you’re most like. Do you have resourcefulness and determination like Alex? Are you a charmer but one that can get what they want like Sean? A top dog businesswoman like Regina? Maybe a kind and supportive friend like Yolanda? Or are you a loving mother struggling with mental health issues like Paula?

Let's Start this Quiz
When faced with adversity, what is your usual response?
How do you approach situations where you must confront injustice or inequality?
How do you handle situations in the "Maid" Series where you must make difficult sacrifices?
How do you approach your relationships with others?
What role does resilience play in your life?
What role does empathy play in "Maid" in your interactions with others?
What drives you in Maid Series to pursue your goals and aspirations?
How do you navigate the balance between personal and professional responsibilities?
How do you typically handle challenging situations in your life?
How do you approach situations in the "Maid" series where you are not in your comfort zone?
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